911 operator goes above and beyond the call of duty!

This is a great story of one human helping another in a time of need.  This 911 operator deserves plenty of kudos for her care.  She should be held up as what it means to have compassion for your fellow man.

As glad as I was to hear about the 911 operator’s actions, I was angry that the hospital discharged this man without asking about his support at home.  They knew what he could and could not do for himself.  They knew how long he’d been hospitalized and that he wouldn’t have any food at home.  After long-term hospitalizations they are supposed to make sure you have some sort of support at home, whether it’s family members or hired-in caregivers.

If this man hadn’t decided to call 911 and if the operator hadn’t been a good person, this man would’ve wound up back in the hospital or dead.  I don’t know which hospital he was in or who was in charge of processing his discharge, but they failed him in a very serious manner.

Please read the wonderful story of the 911 operator with a big heart here.


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