Managing dementia behaviors

Dementia will cause your loved one to act in strange ways.  There are several specific behaviors that seem to be common regardless of the type of dementia.  Two of them are delusions and wandering.

This is an instructional video from a great company discussing techniques to manage these behaviors while keeping your loved one safe and calm.

I’ve done it! I’m so excited

I’ve been working for what seems like forever on my first book about caregiving and today is the day I’ve published it!

I put this concise work together to provide helpful information for anyone caring for a love one with dementia.  I would recommend it for caregivers, family and friends of caregivers and anyone who suspects a loved one may have dementia.  My key goal was to answer the questions I had when I started my journey as a caregiver.

I’ve published it via Smashwords and it is available for download via all e-reader formats.

Please check out my book and buy a copy.  Tell others about it as well.

Who are you? (Surviving dementia from one caregiver to another)

A great hobby and a way to de-stress!

I have found that knitting is a great way as a caregiver to de-stress.  Even as a beginner you can start making lovely objects that are as functional as well as beautiful.

When your life revolves around never-ending tasks and chores it is therapeutic to hold something in your hand that is a finished project.

I spent some time on YouTube when I was just starting learning tips and techniques and found the best instructor.  Here’s a playlist of her beginning knitting tutorials.  This is perfect for someone who’s never held needle and yarn in their hands before.  She also has tons of advanced knitting tutorials.

Happy knitting!