Robin Williams … RIP

An amazing comedian and wonderful humanitarian.  I was saddened by his death last year because of the loss of such a wonderful talent.  Now, hearing that he had the same awful disease that took my dad, his death hits me again in a deeper, more personal place.

I feel for his wife, for her loss.  I know her pain of watching someone you love slip away.

This is Mrs. William’s first interview with the media since her husband’s death, and she’s letting the world know what caused his death.

In a way, I’m glad she’s doing this.  Lewy Body Dementia is considered by many to be the second highest form of dementia, but even many health care workers I’ve spoken with have no idea what it is or how it presents.

3 thoughts on “Robin Williams … RIP

  1. Hi Jen, This information just broke my heart; I thought of your dad and your family immediately. It made me wonder how many other people struggle with this awful disease without knowing what is going on. So sad it takes wonderful people in the prime of their lives.Love,Melody


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