I smile every time I watch this video … shows how knowing your loved one can help in coming up with ways to reach them even as dementia steals them away from us.

Here’s the back story:

“My grandmother (nana) has dementia and sadly has forgotten most of her family. She was getting very low as she felt very alone (she forgets someone has visited her the minute they have gone). She had lost interest in everything, her love of reading, puzzle books, listening to music etc. I felt so sorry for her having nothing to enjoy and fill the hours of her day. She was even starting to say she wanted to die. It was heart breaking. She has always loved all of her children, grand children & great grand children and although she has forgotten us all, her eyes lit up at the sight of a baby. I thought maybe a doll may give her some joy. I could not have wished for a better reaction, although I told her it was a doll, she saw it as a baby. In the video you see her kissing the doll and talking to it etc. The doll has completely changed her life at this point, it has given her something to focus on, love, & get enjoyment from. She was previously struggling to have a conversation with anyone, her words were jumbled and didn’t make sense, yet unbelievably when she is talking to anyone about ‘her baby’ she speaks full sentences, albeit about the doll, but it is wonderful to be able to talk to her again. Since giving her the doll, it has made my grandfathers days so much better too as my nana is now like a different person and she is so much calmer and happy. It has made a great difference to my aunty’s job as their main carer too, nana will comply and take her medication, go in the bath etc ‘for her baby’. Her dementia is going to carry on deteriorating but I’m so happy I’ve managed to make such a difference to her life whilst suffering from this terrible disease. She means the world to me.”

Nana’s new “grandbaby”

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