Who is that old lady in the mirror?

I saw a wonderful series of photos that drive home a real point about how we perceive ourselves and how those we care for perceive themselves.  When I look at myself in the mirror some days I wonder how it is that I’ve grown older – sometimes I still think I’m 20 years old (until I try to do something and my body reminds me I have a few more miles on the odometer … ).

With dementia patients they may look at their reflections in the mirror and will honestly not recognize themselves.  This may lead to aggression, paranoia or terror.

As I look at these pictures I also think about the stories of their lives.  Their life experiences and the ways they enhanced their families and community.

Take a look and enjoy … Photo credit to Tom Hussey …

alz lookback7 alz lookback6 alz lookback5 alz lookback4 alz lookback3 alz lookback2 alz lookback

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