Brief But Spectacular … Early Onset Alzheimer’s

There’s a PBS series of short films called Brief But Spectacular.  They pick various topics and film people talking about them.   I’m sharing one they did on Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease.  It’s only just under 3 1/2 minutes and a good watch.

Brief But Spectacular

Early Onset dementia (including Alzheimer’s) is defined by anyone who becomes symptomatic before the age of 65.

My father was early onset Lewy Body Dementia, he was diagnosed at age 54.

The gentleman in the video refers to the fact that he’s in a new life.  There is a great deal of truth in that, for the patient and their caregiver(s).  My family entered that new life in 2003 and it was a steep learning curve.

June is Alzheimer’s and brain awareness month, pass the word on.