Supplement Danger

There are literally thousands of dietary supplements on the market today.  These over the counter aids boast to be remedies for low energy, obesity, hair loss, virility and any other health complaint you may have.  Whether they are plant based aids or one of dozens of vitamin and mineral supplements they are out there.

I’m not saying that they’re bad, or that they don’t do what they claim. (Although with some I am highly skeptical, but as I’m not a pharmacist or doctor I shall keep my opinions to myself.)

What I am saying is that they need to be taken properly, just like any other medication that you get prescribed by a doctor.  Right time, right dose, right method.

You should work with your doctor to determine which supplements will help you and which supplements will cause bad reactions in conjunction with your prescription medications.

A simple blood test at your doctor’s office will help reveal any vitamin or mineral deficiencies you may have.  Then your doctor will be able to tell you what you need to take and at what levels.  A far better method and approach to supplements than taking a bunch of stuff that you don’t really need.  (Not to mention that it may save you a lot of money in the long run.)

The misuse and uninformed taking of supplements has become such a concern that it has caused the CDC to look into supplement based ER visits.

CDC Studies Supplement Based ER Visits


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