Caregiver de-stress 101

Caregivers, we all know the feeling; you’re overwhelmed with the stress of everyday life.  Providing care for your loved one is a 24/7 job that calls for mental acuity, physical endurance and lots of patience.

Then you get that phone call or email from a family member or friend who feels  “all you do is stay at home all day without much to do ” that you have plenty of time to help them with a project or committee or some other task.  They don’t understand the life of a caregiver, some may be able to understand when it is explained to them, but many will never know until it is thrust into their laps.

This begins the hardest part of being a caregiver: saying “No” to those requests.  Here’s a list of ways to politely say no without feeling like a terrible person:

waystosay no

Remember, saying no doesn’t make you a bad person.  In order to be a good caregiver you need to stay on top of your own physical and emotional health.

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