Emergency Preparedness!

I had a reminder this week about the real need to make sure that as a caregiver you have disaster plans in place.  The additional burden of having someone dependent upon you for their basic needs means that you need to have plans in place for the worst case scenario.

Try approaching these questions with the idea of maintaining physical safety and being able to perform basic activities of daily living:

  • What would happen if you, as the primary caregiver, needed to be hospitalized suddenly with an extended hospital stay?
  • Plans for natural disasters where you shelter in place but are unable to leave home for days on end.
  • Extended power outages – food, water, heat?
  • Natural disasters where you need to evacuate your home, what to take?  List of all essentials including food, clothing, medications and durable medical assistance devices (eg: walker, wheelchair or breathing assistance devices)

Take time to make a disaster preparedness checklist for any potential issues today.  It will make a stressful time a bit less so by helping you get everything you need in place while chaos is raining down around you.

The Red Cross website has some great emergency preparedness lists on their website, they have a list for almost every contingency you can think of.  The link is here: Red Cross Disaster Planning Lists