Truth, but …

“Caregivers are often the casualties, the hidden victims.  No one sees the sacrifices they make.”  – Judith L. London


I read the quote above and my initial reaction was ‘preach it sister’ but then I got to thinking about what that means.

I do not dispute that as a caregiver I often sacrifice of my time, comfort, and heart in the care of my loved one.  So many little things that never get acknowledged.  So many big things that may be ignored.  There are no Oscars for smiling and remaining calm when it all becomes too much and you’d like to scream.  There are no Olympic Gold Medals for physical feats you accomplish each day.  There are no Nobel Peace Prizes for getting a combative sundowning dementia patient to be calm again.  I will never gain local, national or international fame and adoration.

When I start thinking along these lines I become depressed and wonder why in the world did I choose to work in this field?  Am I insane for not going to work in another field where I would find less stressful conditions and certainly greater financial gain?

I choose to look at things differently.  I want to think better of what I am doing. Here’s my quote:

“Caregivers are on the front lines, the hidden heroes.  No one sees the differences they make.” –  Jen L.

I may not be the recipient of any prestigious award.  My loved one may not remember my name.  I may not have a huge income.  

What I DO have is the satisfaction of knowing that I have helped another human being.  I have stepped up and stretched my hand in love and friendship to those who are scared and confused.  I have been the one to offer comfort – for both the body and mind.

I have the satisfaction of knowing that I have made the world a better place for those who can no longer understand it.

So, I refuse to be a victim.  I like the idea of being a hero instead.

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