Beware! Scams against seniors.

There are some sick and twisted people out there taking advantage of seniors and trying to scam them of their money.   Please read these articles and make the seniors in your life aware of them!

Currently there are two that are targeting seniors.  One involves someone impersonating a police officer or IRS agent, they call and state that the senior owes back taxes and they need to make a payment immediately over the phone or risk jail time.  Let your loved one know that the only way Uncle Sam will let you know that you owe him money is via US mail.

The second one involves someone calling claiming to be a grandchild in desperate need of money to cover an emergency expense.  Before trying to bail out the grandchild the grandparents should call the parents or return the call to the grandchild via a known contact number to confirm the need.

Follow these links to find out more information on these scams:

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