Take a deep breath …

If you’ve spent any time caring for someone with dementia you’ve had that time where you have the same conversation over and over and over again.  You’ve listened to the same story, or answered the same question 500 times in the last hour.

There are ways to keep from feeling like you’d prefer to run head first into a brick wall.


  • Play some favorite music or a TV show
  • Ask them a question about something completely unrelated
  • Ask for their help with a task
  • Excuse yourself to take care of a task (or go to the bathroom)

Offer reminder assistance:

If your loved one constantly asks you what is going to happen today, or when a particular event will take place, or when was the last time they … (fill in the blank), here are some suggestions that may help.

  • A basic month-at-a-glance calendar with all appointments and events written down.
  • A white board hung in a prominent place (like the fridge) with either a day’s or full week’s worth of activities.
  • A printed week’s calendar to keep near a favorite chair or posted in their room.

All in all it is important to remember that your loved one isn’t trying to drive you bonkers and take a deep breath.

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