Dangerous drug interactions …

I’ve spoken before about the dangers of drug interactions, there are medications that do not work well together – an these can send you to the hospital (or worse).

I am not a doctor nor a pharmacist, so I will not try to tell you which meds interact badly with others.  I will tell you this one important thing:

Whenever speaking to your doctor and pharmacist about a new medication

ALWAYS tell them about everything you’re taking.  

Prescriptions by other doctors – TELL THEM

Over the counter supplements or pain meds – TELL THEM

Herbal supplements or teas – TELL THEM

Other medical conditions – TELL THEM

While in your doctor’s office speaking of a new medicine talk to him/her about all I’ve stated above AND when picking up a new prescription from the pharmacy speak with the pharmacist telling them about all I stated above.

It may seem redundant to have the same conversation with both your doctor and pharmacist but it isn’t.  Your doctor has an 8-year degree in the practice of medicine, which includes knowledge of drugs and drug reactions.  Your pharmacist also has an 8-year degree – but his specified in the study of chemistry, drugs and drug reactions.

Follow this link to a news story on the increase of hospitalizations due to drug interactions.

ER visits due to drug interactions on the rise

PS: The featured image is of my favorite pharmacist … my grandpa, who graduated as a pharmacist in 1941!


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