Hello everyone,

My name is Jen and I’ve been a caregiver for the past six years.  I stumbled into caregiving when my dad was diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia and struggled alongside my mom and siblings to learn how to be a caregiver for someone with dementia.  After my dad passed I had the honor of being a caregiver for my grandpa.  We had a wonderful time together and while my family told me often how well I cared for Grandpa, I knew that I was getting so much out of the relationship as well.  I had the wonderful opportunity to really get to know my grandpa as an adult and to learn what a wonderful man he truly was.

I now work for a company that provides companionship and assistance for seniors who wish to stay in their homes but need a little help, we also offer respite care for caregivers who need a short break.

I’ve come into contact with countless families who have a parent or grandparent starting to show signs of dementia or of needing help with keeping up with their homes and housework.  There are many terrifying things about realizing that your parents or grandparents are struggling with their health, but when approached in a loving manner it can be a wonderful opportunity to deepen the relationship you already have with them.

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