Beautiful! Heartwarming!

Music is universal.  It has the power to bring us up or bring us down.  It has the power to bring us back to ourselves.

This beautiful video of a man who’s withdrawn into himself with advanced Alzheimer’s disease, he is given the gift of music and it brings him out of his prison.

Don’t forget the tissues!

Henry’s music

Parkinson’s Disease and music

I often use music for its ability to help calm and soothe dementia patients with behavioral issues but hadn’t seen the way it can help with other conditions.  I saw this video and thought it was good information to pass on.

I’ve worked with Parkinson’s patients in the past, and my own dad who had Lewy Body dementia (Parkinson’s and dementia together).  I wish I had known about this sooner to help them remain steady on their feet just a bit longer …

Parkinson’s and music – get you moving

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A little, good, old-fashioned fun!

One evening when I was a kid we were visiting with Grandma and Grandpa when Grandpa announced that his show was about to start.  We kids groaned and expected his usual, dull news program.  Boy were we surprised!  This is when we were introduced to the comedic genius of Victor Borge.

So I’ll share this with you all because as caregivers we all need a good laugh!